Playing Catch-up

This post is very delayed because the host that we are currently staying with has WiFi in one spot and the house that we’re in is a dead zone. Nonetheless, I’ll try and get you up to speed.

We flew from Denver to Reykjavik, Iceland in a 7 and a half hour flight and arrived at Keflavik airport early in the morning on Saturday. Keflavik is a very small airport and by the end of our almost 24 hour layover there we had seen pretty much all of it. And let me tell you, I am content to never return there. A few notes about our stay there: 1. Everything closes in the airport around 7pm so we were left with literally nothing to do, we couldn’t even eat. 2. The airport is small so there was little to explore and after 8-9 hours of sleeping in a big waiting area, we were kicked out because it was closing. 3. Everything in Reykjavik is expensive because it’s an island, one sandwich cost me $15 roughly. So yeah, that was interesting. 

The next little leg of our journey was to be a painless less than 3 hour flight to Dublin. The plane gates opened on time and then we promptly delayed boarding by about ten minutes. The backpacks that we have chosen for this journey are amazing. They fit everything I need compactly but they are on the large side. We made sure that they could be taken as a carry-on for the large planes but overlooked the restrictions for the smaller plane. Of course they didn’t fit the carry-on size restraint. So we had to spend about $100 each to check our bags. We had a separate fund set aside just in case this would happen but let me tell you, when the airline attendant tells you that your total for three checked bags is going to be 90,988 Icelandic and then you check Google and Google tells you that it’s going to be $844, you have a heart attack. The good news is that we’re in Europe now which means for numbers a comma is a period and a period is a comma. Instead of 90,000 Icelandic units we were actually only paying for 90. Their money is weird. At least euros make sense. 

I slept through that whole flight. I saw the sun rise and then immediately fell asleep for the duration of the flight. 

Not much needs to be said for the Dublin airport, only one major event occured here before we boarded a bus headed for Cork City, and that was passport control. We were drilled. He wanted to know pretty much everything about our trip and by the end of the encounter I was sweating and my heart was pounding. But, thankfully Reilly is a boss and handled it flawlessly. That’s an event I will always remember but would like to forget. 

The first bus to Cork City was a three hour journey during which time both Ashley and Reilly fell dead asleep and I watched The Martian. Before the end of the movie though I could not keep my eyes open and I slept for the last half hour of the bus ride. I woke up feeling disoriented and incredibly tired. The next bus came an hour after we arrived in Cork and took us nearly two hours to the town of Bantry where our first host Christine picked us up and drove us about fifteen minutes to the farm. The next post will take off from here though I may just post a slew of pictures first. 




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