A Small Thank You

Two days. Today and tomorrow. Then we depart. It feels a little surreal, like how big life events feel surreal. I can’t believe that this is happening, but at the same time I know what I have worked for and I am so ready. But this post is not about me. I am writing this post because no matter how hard I’ve worked to get here, there is one person who has worked harder. 

Reilly and I have been planning this trip for at least a year and thinking about doing it for much longer than that. As the time passed, we realized that we could make this happen. But Reilly stepped up and ensured that this would happen. Everything that will be posted on this blog, all of the plans that have been made, all of the hosts that we will be staying with, all the trains, planes, and buses we’ll be taking, every memory that we will be creating in the next five months have a single origin point: Reilly. 

I can’t tell you how much she means to me. I can’t tell you how much love I have for her. I simply can’t explain what our relationship is. But I can tell you that my life and this trip would be nothing without her. This trip would not be possible without Reilly. Not only would nothing be planned, but there is no one else on this planet that I could have done this with. From start to finish, Reilly is the only person to push me so far outside my comfort zone and assure me that she would be with me every step of the way. I have grown in love, compassion, empathy, and patience since I fell in love with her and this trip speaks volumes to how much Reilly does for me in my life. I am beyond grateful, I am beyond thankful, because Reilly has given me so much in her life. 

My love, my moon and stars, I cannot tell you how important you are to me. I cannot describe how deep my love runs for you. You have done so much for me in these past five years. I hope that I have done something similar for you. Thank you. For the trip, for our lives, for you. This small post does not reach the tip of my gratitude, but perhaps it will suffice to say that I love you.  



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