Countdown: two weeks away!

Hello all!

Well let me tell you, trying to figure out bus connections and flight schedules and the best ways to get around foreign countries all without knowing the local routes and tricks is a bit tough. However, I feel rather confident and proud to say that it’s all finished!

Well, mostly. I have all of the buses, trains, and planes (oh my!) bookmarked, just need to confirm with the hosts that those places are acceptable to be taken to and picked up from before everything is purchased. But I can breathe just that much easier, knowing that all of this hard work and stress I’m putting into the trip now will pay off and make everything that much smoother.

Who’d have thought that we’d have made it to this point, ya know? Two years ago, the two of us thought that it’d be a nice goal to work towards, something that should happen, but you never know, right? Well here we are, T-minus 13 days until the now three of us get on a plane and don’t look back for 5 whole months. It’s kind of terrifying, if I’m honest. Although, you have to scare yourself in order to grow and experience the world to the fullest, right? I’m sure there’s some famous inspirational quote floating in there.

To everyone who has helped us so far, thank you. To everyone who will be reading this and keeping up with our adventure, thank you and welcome. I hope that we will be able to document every exciting, nervous, new part of our journey as adequately as you all deserve.

I’ll be sure to check in before we leave.



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