It’s Real

Well fam, it’s official. I’ve bought our plane tickets.

I know, you’d probably think that since we’re leaving in two months, we’d have done this by now. But no, I’ve been putting it off for one reason or another, you know money issues, no current deals, gotta make sure everything is fine at work…

Now, it’s real. We can’t just fantasize about taking all of the money we’ve saved and running away under the pretense of going on some great adventure- we now are officially going on an adventure.

Also, since our last update, we now have had the addition of another member of our group- conveniently named Ashley as well! So now we’re going for 5 months with two Ashley’s in tow.

And all of this will be taking place on March 10th as our leaving date. I’m so nervous! We still have the house to pack up and put all of our belongings between all of our relatives for safe keeping for the next half year..

Speaking of going for our 5 months, we only have a couple of short weeks left to cover with hosts, and then we’ll have the entire trip planned exactly how it should be going and who we’ll be staying with. Again, one would think that we’ve had that covered but farms don’t start planning ahead for the next season too far in advance.

I’m terribly excited for this trip. Scared, nervous, but always first and foremost excited.