We’re Still Going, I Promise!

Hello all!

It’s been quite a while since last updating, however we come with good news! Our trip is finally coming around and becoming a reality!

So part of the reason why there hasn’t been any kind of update is that quite honestly, we were and are both terrified. Telling people and fantasizing about a 7 month long trip, moving across countries with only a week’s worth of clothing and supplies, and living with people you have never met before sounds like something only people in movies do. So we were quite discouraged for a while, avoiding learning more and sending emails to hosts. However, we’ve hit the ground running and have re-evaluated our situation with funds that we’ve saved up, things that we want to see and do, and have decided on a loose game plan for living after we return from this trip. And we can confidently say, it is happening!

Since we were so discouraged for that length of time, we have decided on cutting out the end portion of our trip that we originally were saving for hostels in Belgium and Holland. Our original plan of 7 months has been shortened to 6 months, with us in the process of cutting out just about another month. We are now into about 5 months in total, which is based off of a law that we just learned about in the UK that directly impacts volunteers, and the hosts that we have received answers from.

As we have it currently, we will most likely be leaving within the second week of March 2017 to make it to our first host in the southern part of county Clare. After their farm, we’ll be moving up to right outside of Dublin for a longer stay on a newer farm, that might be looking into getting pigs as well! Wouldn’t that be a fun experience, helping a family learn how to take care of pigs. There are still a couple of weeks to fill with another host, however the final one that we have confirmed is taking care of us outside of Northern Ireland for the last weeks of May. From there, we take a ferry to Scotland to spend our month!

We’re still doing our best to get as many responses back from farms as soon as possible so we know what dates we can buy our tickets for, but it feels like we’re finally able to breathe easier, knowing that we have places to stay for sure.



One thought on “We’re Still Going, I Promise!

  1. Kevin W Stockton

    Yay, ladies! Sounds very well-thought-out and responsible…good for you. It’s hard to believe it’s coming up so quickly, very excited for you! Much love, Dad

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