What Ifs

Well fam, not gonna lie- I feel a little bit unsure currently.

Ashley and I have briefly discussed the state of affairs of not only our country with the upcoming election, but also the recent news regarding terrorist attacks, closed borders, and tanking economies. Makes you really think about the world and how small it can all seem when things start breaking down.

This unfortunately, has then led us to discussing our pending trip.

Disregarding our backpacks, we haven’t made any major purchases for our trip. We’ve been saving up, as I’m sure is understood if not known, but in order for us to still be able to go to the countries we’ve been dreaming of and spending the entire length of time that we’ve been planning on, that money might not stretch as well as we’d hoped. Brexit, to start, has been a major player in this. Additionally, France’s recent attacks and closure of borders has also created a bit of a scare for us. That’s not to say that we are merely concerned for these countries because we’re hoping to visit; no, we are very much concerned for anyone that may be living there or who has family and friends in those situations.

However this brings up the question of- what if we’re not able to travel like we hope?

This has been our dream trip and experience for such a long time, and we’ve been working towards it for just as long. Our plans have been laid out and our lease in addition to our belongings have been cut. However what if it can’t happen?

So the real question is- where should we visit instead? Potentially for less time? Ireland is still on our must-go lists for the trip, and it doesn’t seem to be as bad off as some of the other places that we have been planning on. However, that’s about as far as we’ve gotten. We were thinking next of going up north, to Denmark, Norway, Iceland, etc. Please, we’d love any ideas and opinions on what to do with the current state of affairs. Message us some ideas!



One thought on “What Ifs

  1. Kevin Stockton

    Scary stuff indeed. I applaud you for being aware and thinking ahead about the big picture.

    I, of course, worry mostly about your safety and the increased terrorist activities around the globe are a huge concern.

    On a side note, who knows how things will stand in 6 months, but currently the Brexit situation has caused the British Pound to drop to its lowest value vs. the US $ in over 30 years…so that part of your trip probably won’t be affected negatively.

    I’ll give some thought to other destinations and weigh in later.

    So proud of you ladies…love you.

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