Securing Lodging

Hi again!

So for the past couple of days, I’ve been re-researching the farms in France that Ashley and I are trying to set up for us to work and stay at in France. We both ended up changing our minds about one that we had originally picked, and instead traded it out for a smaller farm, closer to Paris. He has a small orchard, veggie garden, and some chickens to take care of, which is a good starting point for our first stay in France.

I sent an email, explaining who we are and why we were interested in helping out with that farm in particular, and the very next day, I had a reply- we’ve secured our first part of our France stay! 

It’s all becoming so real- I’ve officially contacted and effectively communicated with our first host (in French!). We’re still more than a year out from this part of our adventure, but my excitement keeps on ramping up. I’ve sent an email to the next (hopefully) host and am waiting for the reply. This one keeps bees, chickens, and pigs- two of which I mostly know how to handle. 

Here’s hoping for a quick reply!



2 thoughts on “Securing Lodging

  1. That is going to be so neat! Maybe you’ll learn some farming and gardening skills while you’re digging up veggies… wouldn’t that be cool to bring home seeds from the plants you worked with as a memento?


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